Friday, September 27, 2002
Long Lost Relatives

My husband and I started doing family tree research a few years ago. We were able to trace most our families back to the mid to late 1800's. All except for his father's side of the family. My husband's grandfather passed away in 1946 and there aren't too many connections to his family left. So, we were stumped and gave up when we couldn't even get his birth date. All we knew was that he was born in Poland. I posted on over a year ago asking if anyone had any information on his grandfather. To my surprise, I recently received an email that gave us some very shocking news! When grandfather left Poland to come to the United States, he left a wife and two sons behind! The family in the US did not know of this family, however, the family in Poland knew about the family here. One of the two sons left behind in Poland, had a son who married and moved to Canada in the 80's. His wife found my post on and emailed me. So far, most of the information seems to be matching! It appears that my husband has a long lost cousin that NONE of the family knew about! The folks in Canada recently sent us a picture and you can definitely see some resemblances. Isn't it strange to think about how many years it took for the family to find out that they had relatives that they didn't know about? Thanks to the internet, we were able to find each other!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Today was Maleena’s play date with her baby pals, Alec and Lisa. While I was pregnant, I took a prenatal exercise class. Not only did I get the benefits of exercise, but I also got to meet a lot of great women that I had something big in common with! We all decided to stay in touch with each other after the babies were born. It’s so fun to get together to see who is doing what, eating what, getting teeth, etc… The babies seem to enjoy playing too, although I think they appreciate playing with each other’s toys more than each other! It is also really nice to have some adult conversation, while the babies play.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Da Da

For the first time, Maleena said Da Da! And, Da Da wasn't even home to hear it! Luckily, she liked saying it so much that she continued to say it after he got home. What a beautiful sound to hear your child use her voice. Da Da was thrilled beyond belief to hear those words. She said Ma Ma twice about two weeks ago and hasn't said it since. I love my baby!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
More Photo Contests!

I don't know what made Chip think to search the web for turtle photo contests but, he actually found one. So of course me being the big photography buff, I had to send a photo in! For nearly a decade I've owned two red-eared slider turtles, Fred and Spaz. I took this really cute, super close up of Fred one day and thought that it would be perfect for the contest. This is another voting contest, so if you have a minute, I would love to have your votes! The contest is held by Turtle and you can find the link to vote by clicking here. Fred is turtle number 8. Please be patient while the page loads, there are quite a few turtle pictures there.

Here's a small version of the photo:
Please vote for me!

I also found a general photo contest on Better This is not a voting contest, but if you would like to see my cutie pie, click here!


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Monday, September 02, 2002
Vote For Maleena

Being into photography and having a baby is an awesome combination! I love to take photos of my baby and ironically, she loves to be photographed. It's amazing how she lights up when I have the camera in front of my face. I found an on-line baby photo contest at Baby Maleena is one of this months contestants. Please click here if you would like to vote for her! She's baby number 164. You get 10 votes but can only use a max of 5 per baby and you have to use all of your votes for them to register. Thanks to those who voted for Maleena!!

Please vote for me!

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