Monday, June 30, 2003
Found Turtle

After getting slightly attached to my new found turtle pal, I found someone that would like to have him. That is, as long as the owners don't respond to the "Found Turtle" signs by Wednesday. She seemed really excited about owning a turtle since she had not owned one since she was a child. I was excited since she seems like a true animal person and I knew that she would take good care of my lost critter. My husband jams in a band with her boyfriend. They were planning on getting together this Wednesday so the rule was that as long as I received no calls for the turtles, my hubby would bring the turtle to her then.

I really didn't expect anyone to call since the signs were up for a few days. But, to my surprise the phone rang this morning and it was a girl who thought the turtle may belong to her and her brother. They let their's out in the yard a couple of weeks ago and he disappeared. As it turns out, they live on the street behind our property which sits up on a hill. Somehow the turtle found his way to my yard. The brother came to my house this morning and took the turtle back to his home. I'm going to miss the cute little bugger, but I am glad that I was able to get him back to where he belongs!

What I would like to know is how did this turtle know to come to my backyard?!?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Lost Turtle

Yesterday, I was walking to the backyard. I glanced at my pool that I keep the turtles in on hot summer days and I noticed a turtle on the outside! Immediately I thought, "How the heck did one of my turtles get out?!?" Upon a second glance, I realized that it was not one of my turtles. It was a beautiful, young, Painted Turtle. He was acting as though he wanted inside the pool. So, I put my turtles back in the house (incase he has any diseases) and set him free in their pool. I gave him some food and he was acting as though he hadn't eaten in a long time. I am guessing that he is someone's pet, since he is a water turtle and the nearest pond is a couple of miles away. I asked a couple of neighbors and they all kind of gave me a strange look when I asked them if they had a turtle. I guess turtles aren't as common of pets as cats or dogs... So it looks like I'll be hanging "Found Turtle" signs today. I really hope that someone claims him because I have a hard enough time taking care of two turtles. Not that I wouldn't love to keep him...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

My husband likes to play something like this-or-that, but it's more like this famous male or that famous male. This weekend we went out with my friend Vicki and he bombarded us with questions like, Bret Michaels or Tommy Lee? Pat Sajak or Mel Gibson? Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie? Don't ask me how he comes up with these. It was entertaining though. We were just having a hard time coming up with some for him. One of the better ones was Anna Nicole Smith or Ellen DeGeneres? It's more fun when you can pair up two really good looking people and it's too hard to pick or two hideous people that you would rather die first! If anyone has some good ones, leave me comments!

Anyway, since This-or-That Tuesday is about one of my favorite past-times, reading, I thought I'd answer it today:

1. Newspapers or magazines?

2. Books-on-tape or regular books?
I prefer to read. I have too much trouble concentrating on the tapes.

3. Paperback or hardcover?
Paperbacks are more flexible and cheaper!

4. Fiction or non-fiction?
I rarely read fiction. I love true stories!

5. Sci-Fi/Fantasy or romance novels?
Sci-Fi. Romance novels are just silly...

6. Borrow from library or buy books (either new or used)?
Buy. I like to take my time and not feel pressured by a due date.

7. Subscribe to magazines or buy on newsstand?
Subscribe. It's cheaper.

8. Current best-sellers or classic literature?
I can't get into classic literature.

9. Read books once, or re-read favorites every so often?
Once in a great while a may re-read parts of a favorite book, but not usually the entire thing.

10. Here in the U.S., we have two hot best-sellers...former First Lady Hillary Clinton's memoirs, and the new Harry Potter book (coming out June 21). If you had to read one, which one...Hillary or Harry? Why?
Hillary. I love to read stories about people's lives.

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Friday, June 13, 2003
Liar, Liar

I was laid off from my office job a little over two years ago. I still keep in touch with two girls that worked in my department. One of them filled me in with some really interesting news about one of the girls that worked with us. We'll call her Polly. Polly was the type that had everything in the world wrong with her. You name it...MS, Lupus, Leukemia, stomach surgery, broken foot,bleeding eyes, etc. If I could think about it long enough, I'm sure I could remember some more problems that she had. I always felt sorry for her because once she got over one thing, she was getting another. The latest problem that she had before I was let go was leukemia. She had to get 12 shots in the hip (one a week for 12 weeks) to see if it would help. If not, she would need a bone marrow transplant. I felt very sorry for her, but really didn't know what I could do to help her. We had one brave hero in our accounting department who I will call Dana. Dana was older, very sweet and compassionate and very much a churchgoer. You see, on top of all these problems that Polly had, her family had also disowned her. They didn't believe that she was really sick. And this was very depressing for Polly, and she made it no secret to anyone she spoke with. Dana wasn't going to stand by and let this poor girl suffer alone. She offered to have her move into her home while she was going through the treatments. Polly took up the offer. There was one odd thing about the treatments that Polly was having, she always insisted that she go alone. She always had Dana meet her in the parking lot after them. Then Dana would take her home where she would vomit from the after-effects of the treatment. While all of this was going on, Polly talked about how she may die from this. Somehow, this turned into Dana wanting to take Polly on a vacation of her dreams before she dies. They planned a trip to Las Vegas which Dana picked up the tab for. After they got back from their trip, Polly found out that the leukemia was under control by the treatments and that she was going to be okay. After being okay for a while, the MS started to flair up again. It got so bad that Polly had to go to work in a wheel chair. After that, I don't know too many of the details of Polly's illnesses. But what I found out yesterday shocked the heck out of me... Dana found out that someone that she knows who works at a psychiatric ward, knew Polly and explained to her that she is a pro at using people. This caused Dana to call the hospital when Polly was there for a doctor's appointment. She was shocked by what she heard... "There is no doctor here by that name." Dana packed up all of Polly's belongings and told her to never come back again. Also, another coworker mentioned that Polly confided in her that she was lying about being sick.

I am really shocked by all of this, because I believed all of these stories while I was there. I felt so bad for this girl. Luckily, we didn't stay close once I left the company, because who knows how she would have tried to take advantage of me. After hearing all of this, I will probably always feel skeptical whenever I meet some one who was tons of problems like she did. It's just scary to think that you can know someone for several years and not have a clue what their truth is. What a strange world! Is it just me, or does this story sound like it would make a good movie? :) It is true though, believe me, it is true!

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Thursday, June 12, 2003
What's Up With These Dreams?

This morning I woke up from a cheesy horror flick type of dream. There was this zombie-demon type of character running around killing people. I was with my parents and a few other people and we knew that this creature was going to bust in the door at any moment and try to kill us. I am explaining to everyone that they shouldn't be afraid to die. As predicted, the zombie creature breaks down the door and starts attacking. Everyone is screaming and crying and trying to hide wherever they can find. Brave little me decides that I am not going to let this hideous thing hurt anyone so I grab a wet towel that is sitting on the floor. I start snapping it at the monster and it's really hurting him. I can't believe the adrenaline that I am feeling from snapping at him. The next thing I know, I wake up and I'm feeling quite entertained by my strange dream.

Must be the pregnancy hormones...

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Another Future Predicting Dream?

I mentioned in my pregnancy blogger that I had a prophetic dream before I got pregnant. I think I may (or may not) have had another one. When I was 14, I chipped one of my front teeth after a fall on roller-skates. It never bothered me until I became a vain 18 year-old with dental insurance. So, I got it bonded and it looked good. They always told me that the bonding will only last about 10 years. Well, I accidentally broke it on a bottle not even a year after getting it. After getting it fixed once again, I had always been paranoid that it would fall off. That was 10 years ago, and since then I have had many dreams about losing it. So, when I had one a couple of weeks ago, I never gave it a second thought. Well, you can guess what happened yesterday...I lost it! I'm not sure how because I only noticed that it was gone after lunch. I wonder if I ate it? :{ After an afternoon of scrambling to find a dentist to take me right away, I found one that will take me tonight. I can't wait because I feel so dorky with this broken tooth! :)

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

If you think about it, we take a lot of things in life for granted. Do you ever question what someone did to your food at a restaurant before it got to your table? Did you ever think about how accurate and educated your doctor is before having surgery? Or even if you can trust your neighbors to know when you are on vacation? I know that these are extreme, but the point that I am trying to make is that we put a lot of trust into a lot of people that we don't know a thing about. And we do it every day.

But, some things in life may draw your attention to your amount of trust in people. I became very aware of my trust tolerance yesterday. I have never wanted to protect anything more in my life the way I want to protect my daughter. Since I am pregnant, I decided I really should get into an exercise routine. The local gym has a babysitting area for your 2 month to 6 year olds. I decided to give it a try to see how she does. The truth is, I was more worried about how I would handle it. I decided to go walk the track for 45 minutes while I left her there. I pretty much worried the entire time that I walked. Here's why... I really have to put a lot of trust into these people that I have never even met before! Trust...people with my precious daughter! And that's not all, there were about 30 kids with 3 adults in a rather small room. I had to sign a little book saying where in the building that I would be. And that was it. I don't even think the girl that checked me in got a good look at my daughter. How would she know that I am picking up the right child? Not to mention, she is carrying a baby and trying to entertain the children hanging on her leg. I just got a bad vibe from the whole deal and am not sure I can do it again. I am a fairly trusting person, but it's a little different when it comes to my baby. I feel like my trust was really tested yesterday. I just can't understand how the other 29 parents left their children there without a worry. Maybe it's just a first time parent thing. Oh, as far as how my daughter handled it, she was okay in the beginning. She had lots of toys and distractions, but when I came to pick her up she was standing at the door crying "mama". That really broke my heart. From what they tell me, she just started crying. Or did they mean that they just noticed her crying... No, I'm just not sure I can do that again.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Cool Blogger Tool

As you can see, I offer Bloglet if you would like to know when this site is updated. It's a pretty cool tool...when it works. I think that I went in and fixed something yesterday, so if you are signed up for Bloglet updates, you should be getting notifications again. I did find another great Blogger tool yesterday that does a similar thing, but the owner of the Blog doesn't need to be signed up for you to get updates. Check out Blogarithm, you can enter as many Blogs that you like and it will email you every day and tell you which ones have been updated. That way when you are a reader of a slow Blogger (yes, like me) you don't have to waste your time every day checking to see if the updated.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Since I have been lacking ideas of things to write's this weeks This-Or-That questions... The topic is animals, one of my favorite things in life.

1. Cats or dogs?
Cats! I have two that love me and pile on top of me every night. I have always had cats. I like dogs also, but the only time we had one, my dad gave it beer and it pooped all over the house, so my mom took it back. We never had a dog after that...

2. Butterflies or birds?
They are both cool, but I'll choose birds since there are so many different types and you can teach some of them to talk.

3. Horses or cows?
I've never really had a chance to get to know a I'll go with horses. Not that I have gotten to know a horse, I rode one or two in my life.

4. Turtles or snakes?
Definitely turtles! I have two that I have had for 10 years. Turtles are one of my favorite types of animals.

5. Frogs or grasshoppers?
Frogs. They are cute little creatures! I had a few tadpoles when I was a child.

6. Lions or tigers?
I like them both about the same, but I'll go with tigers.

7. Elephants or mice?
Elephants are very cool creatures. They are very emotional and I find that fascinating coming from such a large animal.

8. Porcupines or aardvarks?
Don't know much about either...Porcupines, just because they have their own built in defense system.

9. Unicorns or dragons?
I'm a girl...Unicorns.

10. Thought-provoking question of the week: You live in a rather dumpy apartment. A friend offers you a chance to be a roommate at a new place s/he is moving into, but they don't allow pets. You have a pet. Do you find your pet a new home and take the new place, or do you keep your pet and stay put?
My pets are like my children. If they can't go, then I don't go.

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