Wednesday, July 23, 2003
This-Or-That A Little Late

I have been at a loss of what to write here lately. I have been quite cranky. (even my own father brought this to my attention) So, instead of using this as an outlet to complain about nothing important, I figured I'd just do the this-or-that Tuesday a day late.

1) DVD or VHS? VHS...still haven't splurged on a DVD yet. I'm just not interested in having another piece of electronic equipment sitting on my TV. Maybe when you can record off of the television with them and they are affordable, I may consider it. TV just isn't a priority in my life right now.

2) Best Literary/Movie Villan: Voldemort (Harry Potter) or Sauron (LoTR)? Can't answer, don't know either.

3) Meat: rare or well-done? Yuck! None for me thanks!

4) High Speed Internet-Cable or DSL? I would take either at this point. I am so tired of the slow modem connection. Hey, maybe we should get rid of cable TV and get cable internet! (that is something that we are considering, if they would only get cable internet in our area and have it reasonably priced)

5) Women: 1-piece bathing suit or Bikini? Bikini non-pregnant...1-piece pregnant!!!

6) To be fair--Men: Boxers or briefs? I like the way boxers look better.

7) Beer or Liquor/Wine? Neither, maybe an occasional Zima when I'm not pregnant.

8) Coke or Mountain Dew? Coke.

9) In honor of my 10/18/03 nuptials: Morning or Afternoon/Night Wedding? Afternoon.

10) Carpet or Hardwood Floors? I like and have both.

11) American cars or foreign? I've been driving a Chevy for 9 years. American all the way!

12) Cutest TV Twin: Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen? They're both cute.

13) Coffee: Caffeinated or Decaf? Decaf, I've been off the stuff for quite a while now.

14) Thought-Provoking Question of the Week: Computers: Do they make life better or worse? Why? Life is great when they are working good, but they can cause some of the worst frustration known to man!

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Friday, July 18, 2003
I Love These Kinds Of Stories

I meant to post this a while ago, but it just slipped my mind. My sister-in-law told me a story that a co-worker shared with her. The co-worker's brother passed away. He always requested to never be put in a hearse when he died. Well, I guess there's really no other way to get a giant casket around so they went ahead and got the hearse. They got the body to the church just fine, but after leaving the hearse wouldn't start. They tried and tried with no success. Apparently, they gave up and got the casket into someone's van. As soon as the van drove away, the hearse mysteriously started.

I just love these odd types of stories that make you wonder if there's more than what meets the eye!

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Friday, July 11, 2003
Funny Search Words

Every now and then I like to post some of the more odd keywords used to find this site. I love to check them every day, because there is always one or two that is good for a chuckle. I would just love to know what some of these people have in mind when they are doing their Google searches... (and sometimes not!)

Dorky 18 Year Olds

X-rated Romance Novels

Contact Lenses For Chickens

Wizard Of Oz Bingo Bags

Painted Turtles That Vomit

Gynecologic Exams + Photos

Just One Shoe

High Heels Rainy Lawn Party

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Monday, July 07, 2003

This is a busy month for birthdays and such.

July 7 - HABA (Hot Air Balloon Anniversary) My husband and I celebrate this day because 7 years ago he took me on a surprise hot air balloon ride and later that day surprised me again with an engagement ring!

July 7 - Happy 28th Birthday Kimmy!

July 8 - Happy 31st Birthday to me! (Holy crap! 31 already?!?)

July 9 - Happy 51st Birthday Mom!!

July 30 - Happy Big 5-0 Sandi!

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Saturday, July 05, 2003
Assaulted By A Drum Stick

Two nights ago, I attended the Dream Theater concert. They are and have been my favorite band for a very long time. I had always wanted to catch a drum stick, but I never got lucky enough. Well, it must have been my lucky night! During their song, Voices, I feel this terrible pain in my chin and realize that something hit me hard! Since we were in the 11th row, I never expected it to be a stick. As I grab my chin in agony, I glance at the floor to see what just slammed into me, I saw it! My very own Mike Portnoy stick! It made me forget the pain, for a minute anyway! Not only was I happy to have gotten a stick, but I was thrilled that it didn't hit my teeth or my eye!!

The story gets even better! I posted my story on Mike Portnoy's website and he responded personally! Wow, how cool is that? Here's what is funny response was:

Thank you for not suing me Sharon!

(BTW - that's what happens when you DON'T WATCH ME!!!
This is my tactic for making sure nobody's nodding off during the show!!)


Here's the stick:

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